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LPN planning to relocate to Savannah.


Has 9 years experience.

Hello all,

I'm an LPN from Alabama and within 6 months I plan to move to Savannah. I have nearly 4yrs exp in LTC and would like to know what nursing home facilities are there and what does the pay look like? I love, love, love the area and the history!! Your help is appreciated.

Did you ever receive any information about work? I have also been trying to find out where to go once I graduate. I have heard that Hilton Head, Sc has some LTC facilities and pay is more than Savannah facilities. I hope that might help you. The nursing instructors at Savannah Tech said a couple of students received jobs for $20.00 per hour after graduating.

tracyd77, RN

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Call ******* and ask for a list of nursing homes in Savannah. They can give you a list.

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