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So I'm two months out of school and I'm taking my NCLEX on the 17th. I wasn't to worried till I went online today to find me some practice questions. Seems like every site I find with some questions I get around 60% of them right. I'm now flipping out! For studying I just go trough my old books, notes, and power points but now I feel so lost and scared. How should I be preparing for this?

PS I think ill handle the stress like I always do, eating my self to a coma, Thank goodness the McRibb is back

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lol...Congrats.Exam cram,Frye's3000 bullets and lacharity are helpful.Goodluck.

Thanks, I read about this trick i can do to see if i passed? What is it?And where do i go to see if i passed anyways?

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I have two months until I graduate & I plan to study for 3 months using Saunder's Review, taking as many practice study tests as I can find & reviewing at timed & paced pattern everyday after I graduate.