Who's starting lpn this spring

  1. Im so excited to be stating my new journey at Stone Academy in there Lpn program on May 2 no. Who else?
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  3. by   alishas12
    I am !!! Starting may 2nd Lincoln tech
  4. by   Bet0913
    Hi Alishas12!!
    congradulation!! Good lock
  5. by   SweetLola648
    I am hopefully starting in May! I have passed everything I go to a group interview on the 19th....in 2 days!!!! Here in NY!!!
  6. by   Bet0913
    Good luck!! sweetlol648... You got this
  7. by   RedRose27
    I start in the summer
  8. by   Bet0913
    Hi RedRose27,

    What's your start date? are you going to Stone?

    I'm looking to see who will be my classmate
  9. by   RedRose27
    So sorry wrong post
  10. by   prayforj
    Meeeee may 10.
  11. by   Bet0913
    Hi prayforj
    congradulation!! Where do u live?
  12. by   EccentricME
    I start the last week of June! My summer is wrecked but totally worth it.
    I live in the Central Valley of California, Im going to Visalia Adult School.
  13. by   Bet0913
    Good morning,

    My first day is tomorrow May 2nd !!!! I'm soooo excited
  14. by   NurseFitz72
    Congratulations Bet0917
    I myself start May 8. I am very excited. I live in Georgia.