Universal Training Institute Perth Amboy

  1. I'm currently enrolled in this school, it's not a perfect school, but who is. The teachers are great, especially ----------- and ------------, they're a little crazy but trust me you will learn so much from them and learn to loved them at the end. This school is only 1yr long and the year go by so fast. You should go to the school and take a tour before you listen to all these crazy reviews about this school. I did my own research before I went to this school. Also knew that the school wouldn't be open this long if it was as bad as people are saying. As you can see only the ones who have trouble writes bad reviews, are the ones who don't study and are failing their classes 2x in the same subject. But go look at all the graduates on the wall, hopefully by God grace my pict will be posted up nx year, and I will pass the Nclex on my first try. As a fellow student, welcome and I hope you will enjoy your time here at UTI and make this an investment in your future, as the school invest their time in you. If you want a great education,exceptional staff and quality of knowledge, then this is the place to do it!
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