1. I'm so tired of ppl saying don't do a certain job because of money. Well new flash money is a major part to having a good life. This is all I will say whatever the reason you going in to a field be damn good at it. People always seem to get upset when you talk about how much nurse make and that's is one of the reason you chose that career well if patient care is the one reason you want to be a nusre maybe you should be a CNA they get paid nothing and do a lot of patient care and it easy to get in a program..
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  3. by   Anne36
    I cant argue with that. The last facility I did clinicals at, the DON told us that they only pay $15-$16 an hour for a new grad. Well, I'll tell ya what, nobody in my clinical group is going to apply there. We can make more than that waiting tables.