Sprott Shaw LPN program

  1. Hey guys I recently decided to enroll in the Sprott-Shaw PN program. I know it's more expensive than other schools but I really want to get started right away (January 2018). I want to know:
    Is Sprott-Shaw a reputable college?
    Is it true Fraser Health has placed a "ban" on Sprott Shaw LPN graduates?
    Are Sprott Shaw graduates at the bottom of the list when employers are looking to hire LPNs?
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  3. by   sprottshaw
    Hi there! I'm biased because I work for Sprott Shaw, but I can honestly tell you the last couple of groups here in Abbotsford that have graduated are working at Fraser Health locations such as Chilliwack Hospital, multiple complex care facilities in Abbotsford (funded by Fraser Health) as well as privately funded facilities. I have never heard anything but "good" from staff at these facilities. I personally am in touch with staff that work at these facilities and they have never advised me of any concerns with SSC grads. I recommend you speak to the HR Departments at Fraser Health directly, call or email them and see what they say! Hope this helps!