1. How many hours of sleep per night is normal during nursing school? I am in my last semester and I am averaging max 4 hours and minimum 2. I mean I am functioning ok but am so exhausted some days. My off days are spent catching up on cleaning and family time.
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    I averaged 5 and I have a family as well. Two hours is not healthy. Figure out how to work smarter not harder. By only getting two hours you are depleting yourself and not being efficient. The best advice I have for a mother in school is NO multitasking. It does not save time. When you are a mother be a mother, when you are a student be a student. Also, do not stay up late to study. Do the opposite and get up early to study. My best study time 0400-0600. I would achieve more in those 2 hours than trying to cram in stuff from 2100-0100. Research proves our bodies are better in the morning even if you are not a so-called morning person. I maintained that family was #1 and school was #2, I still graduated with honors but I had to figure out ways to do it without sacrificing my sanity and family too much. Good luck.