Separate LVN prereqs NORCAL?

  1. I live in northern California and am looking to start my LVN training soon. I think I found a school but they require a handful of pre reqs (understandable) that I need to get done before the May/2019 app date. I currently hold a AAS as a Health Inf. Tech but that was back in 2013 and they only take credits within the last 5 years so that probably won't be useful even with my Honors List, Dean's List, 4.0 GPA etc. Everywhere I'm looking to take these classes as a "stand alone" they always seem to be tied in with the degree. Like, you have to be enrolled in THEIR nursing program to take these classes. Anyone know of anything online stand-alone that has stuff like A & P, Psych, Nutrition, etc.? I've looked around on Allnurses under this topic but it didn't get me anywhere. thanks
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  3. by   dianah
    I did an online search and found these:

    Which Nursing Prerequisites Should You Take Online? | Straighterline

    Doane University Lincoln - Earn Your Shield

    Don't know if they will be accepted by the program you are interested in, or how expensive they are.
    good luck