San Diego City College LVN Program

  1. How is the LVN program there? How long each day are the classes about? Like is each class 2 or 3 hours long? I was just reading the schedule of the courses, and they didn't specify how long (in a day) that they last. I'm also nervous because they might be adding an entrance exam which you have to pass to be admitted. I've done their other prerequisites (CNA & Healthcare Essentials). I tried to get into the Grossmont Health Occupations VN program (which has the same prerequisites as City College), yet since I did bad on the mathematics part of their entrance exam, they said no.
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    I know for City College there is an entrance exam also you need your A&P classes as a pre-req (which I hhave not done), thats what iis setting me back.... I am enrolled in the summer class for Healthcare essentials... Also you have to take the TEAS entrance exam for ROP, I am bad in math so I am soooo scared to take the test... How was the math portion of the test.... are you on any waiting list right now?
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