Post lpn school update

  1. Heeeeyyyyyy all my future LPN'S! Just want to update you all to tell you that i took my nclex this past saturday & I PASSSSSEEEEDDDD! Im still on cloud 9! I graduated Aug 6th & tested sept 7th. The road was bumpy BUT I MADE IT & SO WILL U! Keep your eyes on the prize & remember ITS ABOUT THE PATIENT! YES U CAN! YES U WILL! Have confidence & believe in yourself when nobody else does! The race isnt given to the swift nor the strong BUT 2 THOSE THAT ENDURE TIL THE END! HAPPY STUDYING NURSES!
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    @ Nurse Mrsladysoul83

    Congrats lady! You now really have completed the ultimate test in this challenge!

    Are you in Broward county? If I recall correctly.

    Please keep us informed of anything that would be of help to us.

    Best of luck in all your future endeavors!
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    Congrats and Thank-you!
  6. by   cmm4ever
    Congrats! I have 1 month to go!!!!!!! Graduate October 10th!!!!! How was the NCLEX?,...any tips?
  7. by   bbble 25
    Lol, your happy words are contagious, congrats!