Nursing Student Depression and Advice

  1. Hi recently, i left my school because i felt the whole world fell down on me when I failed 2 of my class. We are only allowed to fail 3 until term 4 and it srsly made me think over. The school has set up their students to fail in order for us to pay more doing remediations. It's sad cause i wanted to naturally learn since I did not have any healthcare background but i felt rushed and taught to pass the exams more than to actually "learn"

    Hence, i left school. I left school and is currently looking for another nursing school not as an "easier" way out but more manageable when it comes to grading system and how to manage students.

    People from my cohort are criticizing the school that I'm going into. Statements such as "it's not a good school" (when in fact they haven't been there) and "you are just finding an easier way out". It pisses me of cause they think they know it all. Please enlighten me.

    How is the school really important in shaping a nurse? Learn the basics yes but is it really necessary to undermine other schools when in fact you are gonna learn most of "nursing" on the floor? My former school is not that good either..
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  3. by   SBNursekawaii
    Have you thought about vocational schools instead?