Need some IV problems to do. Would you all post some:)

  1. I'm in my second semester and we have a math test tommorow. Bad news is I'm not good in math. Although with practice I become okay in it. We have to pass the class with a 80 or above. However, with the math test the cutoff is 90 or above. We get three tries to get it right. All the tests are averaged together as one grade though if you don't pass the first time.

    Our math test for first semester was just desire over have. I passed with an 80 first test and 100 the next for a 90. However, this semester is IV flow rates and drops. I've been doing the problems from my ATI pharm book and and I need more. So would you all help me out by giving me some problems to do lol. 10, 20 or even 30 would be great. Just IV drops and flow is what I need. Especially some drop rates where you have to convert hours to minutes. I definitely need more practice with those. I will post my answers back on here for you all to check.
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