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  1. OK so here is my story, I'm now 21 and in the final stretch of my 2nd semester of the LPN program. I was in this program last year but didn't pass the mental health class. SO, I reapplied and go back in. I'm currently in the same predicament, I have a 73 test average with only one test and the final left. I was told today I need mid 90's on both the next test and the final to pass. I just feel very discouraged and that this is a sign I should not be a nurse. This is something I have wanted for a very long time. I know I am still young and can go to another school if need be. but I really want to pass this class. Any suggestions/advice, anything, I'm feeling very discouraged
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  3. by   AnnieNP
    Talk with your instructors and ask them for advice. Wishing you the best.