Med surg!

  1. I just started med surg 1 and I'm already highlighting and trying to make study guides. I always hear people say only highlight what you think is important but to me EVERYTHING IS IMPORTANT so I end up writing down everything ! Any tips on how to know what's important and what isn't? Also I start my first clinical site tomorrow I was wondering what are some word that you tend to misspell alot ( gives me an idea of word to put on my binder)
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  3. by   thoughtful21
    Hi, Raquel! I have found that as I get farther along in nursing school, it's easier for me to pick out the important points. I'm in my last semester now, and my study habits are different than they were in my first semester. At first, the information is all new, and there's a lot of it! So it's hard to sort through it all and prioritize the important things. Also, each semester they go deeper into the concepts and exemplars...for example, I'm now expected to have a deeper understanding of gas exchange than I was the first semester. So you'll lay the foundation in your first semester, and continue to build on it in over time. For now, you can rely on your teachers to emphasize the important things and guide you through the content.