MCCVLC LPN to RN (michigan LPN's)

  1. Hi! I have been an LPN now for 4 yrs. 3 of the 4 I have been working in LTC. My current job is for an ISD as a paraprofessional. I work primarily with the nurse aide students and have been doing that for a year.

    I am curious if any Michigan nurses have taken courses through MCCVLC and if anyone out there is in the actual LPN to RN program?

    I am really interested in getting some feedback from actual students. I'm hoping to get into the program for fall of 07. However, if I don't finish my pre req's in time, I'm worried they may not admit me based on not doing actual clinical work. If anyone has any more information about this program, please contact me!

    MCCVLC=Michigan Community College Virtual Learning Collobration

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    I know there is a online bridge program Lpn-Rn @ MCCC. where did you take the lpn program at?
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    I got my LPN at GRCC in Grand Rapids....

    Most community colleges have LPN to RN bridge programs. I was looking for feedback on the online program through