Maricopa Skill Center - PHX, AZ

  1. So I am going to take the HESI-A2 or HESI-2 (forgot what its called) tomorrow in an attempt to get into the Maricopa Skills Center LPN program. There were a few topics about this school on here but were a couple years old.
    The website says it requires 75% on all subjects to get in. (math, english and a few others) How hard is this school to get in for the January 2012 start date? Say I got 75% like it says, would those scores actually get me in? I'm just really curious how competative it is, and if I have a chance.

    Thanks in advance, I'm very curious!
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  3. by   suzannaprz
    I'm in the same boat as you. I'm about to finish a cna program. And i still haven't taken the hesi a2 yet. How did u study? Well back to the subject. My mom actually went to maricopa skill center and graduated from their lpn program she liked it. but that was about 9 or 10 years ago. I have heard from a close friend that it is alot better than what people make it out to be. Either way you should try to go and make the best of it and study hard!!