Last semester of LPN

  1. I start my last semester of LPN school on Wed. I will be taking 107, 108, and 109...I was wondering what this semester would be like...alot of test? Any advice would be great. Thanks!
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  3. by   NurseLoveJoy88
    Hi ! I don't have a clue what 107 and etc. is however I can tell you what I'm doing in my last semester.
    Medsurg 2
    OB/ Mother/Baby
    More medsurg....
    We only have 3 exams per course.
    Just read and study and you'll do fine. Good luck
  4. by   Ella26
    I just finished LPN, our last semester was not too bad, this is what we had 4 classes/clinicals....

    Family/Comm Nursing (all semester 16 weeks)
    Clinical II-Med Surg 2 (6 weeks)
    Clinical III-Ob/Peds (3 weeks)
    Clinical IV-Preceptor (4 weeks or 80 hours) Mine was at a clinic, we had a choice between: Clinic, nursing home, hosp, or home care.

    It went by fast, we had tests every week in Family/Comm class, this was by far my toughest class even harder than Med/Surg I and II, last semester . But I made it! I passed with 87% with some dedicated studying!