Injection question! Need help.

  1. The question is:
    Prepare 70 mg mg Lidocaine HCL for the nurse practitioner to use.
    Available in 10 mg/ml

    Would I use a 10 ml syringe or a 30 ml syringe?
    On the floor is most likely want to use a 30 ml syringe for more control but after taking so many tests up is down and down is up....Literally!

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  3. by   meanmaryjean
    10 mL. Why would you want a gigantic syringe when a smaller one would do? 30 mL would just be hard to handle for an injection- not to mention scaring the poor patient to death.
  4. by   bsyrn
    I am confused, why would you need a 30 ml syringe for 7ml of medication?
  5. by   alexis_xoxo
    10ml syringe. Its more accurate