I Passed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. I passed the NCLEX!!! FINALLY!!! I think I might have been nervous the first time. I'm so happy!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to everyone who wished me good luck. :hatparty: :smiley_aa
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  3. by   starbabyfive
    congratulations!!!!!:smiley_aa :biere: :hatparty: that is so great! go celebrate this weekend. you deserve it!!
  4. by   msdobson
  5. by   cuttie10
  6. by   niteshiftlvn07
    Congrats!!! I know you'll be a great Nurse:spin: It's PARTY TIME!!!!!!
    :hatparty: :roll :biere: :smiley_aa
  7. by   Hospice Nurse LPN
  8. by   brendamyheart
    :hatparty: :angel2: Good for u!!!!! to the gang of nurses!!!
  9. by   TheCommuter
    Congratulations, nurse! :smiley_aa
  10. by   Nursegirlgg
    :spin: :blushkiss congrattttttttttsssssss to you!!!!
  11. by   scoobydoo32
    congrats :roll :smiley_aa :smiley_aa :smiley_aa
  12. by   carlah
    cograts i go for mine the end of june. wish me luck guys
  13. by   Victoria74
    Thank the Lord isnt he wonderful!!!!
  14. by   Victoria74
    Thank the Lord!!!!