help with dosage and calculations

  1. I am struggling in dosage and calc. Is there a web site or something with extra study material. my teacher teaches material that is way harder than the book. I made A's in college algebra and intermediate and struggle with dosage /CALC. PLZZZ HELP ME!
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  3. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Here's a sticky thread from the Nursing Student Assistance Forum regarding "nursing math" or dosing calculations written by one of the moderators:

    Student Resources: Nursing Math
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    You can also check that same forum (Nursing Student Assistance) as there are others in the same predicament and you may find some more helpful tips. I'm on my way out or I'd put some of the links. Look for responses from Esme12, she has quite a number of links to help with dosing calculation/medication math.
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    Hi Esme12,
    I noticed that you may have some links for dosage calc practice, would you please post them?