do you have to take the board? requirements

  1. Hi guys,

    I was just wondering if you are a US citizen or Us Immigrant and you are studying Nursing in the other countries such as Philippines, japan or anywhere outside the U.S. you still need to take the exams that foreign graduates take since they graduated outside the United States? like cgfns and other test required for foreign nursing graduates?

    I know at least 3 ppl that didn't take the board that other foreign students will need to take. since they are immigrant and US citizens they only needed to take the nclex exam right away. If you guys know anything about this help will be appreciated.
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    the answer for that question is always mentioned in the rn and lpn application packet.
    all you got to do is go directly to the nursing state board of the state where you wanted to work.

    for xample:
    in michigan, go to this site: and click nursing part.
    you will see rn and lpn application packet, then what youll do is read the forms you will notice that it has instructions you needed to follow with regards to your main concern:

    just check directly to nursing state board of where you wanted to have the licence as they have different requiremments.
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