1. I just wanted to know if any one new how in depth the course work is for pharmacology and also anatomy the two classes I am a little concerned about! What is the the difference in rn the program as opposed to the Lpn ! Cause my antaonmy class is like one month and I know an rn class is like two semesters! I also know that lpns have certain restrictions on Medications they can adminsidter because pharmacology is a month and a half ! I started to look at some dosage calculations stuff but some of it seems a little difficult and some seems easy ! I start the program in three weeks ! Any thoughts?
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  3. by   Scottishtape
    That's going to depend on specific programs.

    My LPN program had a vey in depth pharmacology class during one of our semesters, whereas my RN program had a little pharmacology sprinkled throughout all semesters.

    The coursework was basically the same for both though.

    Again, this question cannot be accurately answered due to the variability in program structures.