Blue card??

  1. Hi! I'm applying for a lvn program starting December. I have all of my application ready but they told us to wait until they email us a code for our finger printing. I barely got the code for the finger printing yesterday so I scheduled my finger printing asap which was this morning. I have to submit my blue card with my application by Oct 30. Will it get here in time? Is there any way I can rush it?? I'm so nervous because I need that to be able to apply
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  3. by   fibroblast
    You may want to go to the board of nursing's website, and email them. If you can't get through by phone, I would email with my name ss#, and date of birth, and address and ask them to send ASAP and tell them the reason.
  4. by   Kristenashley66
    Okay I'll go ahead and do that! Thank you!