best NCLEX-PN review book?

  1. [FONT="Arial Black"]I want to buy a review book to help myself prepare for the NCLEX-PN, just wondering what the best book might be?
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  3. by   ziggysgal,RN
    My instructors and a good deal of my peers from previous years of the program swear by Saunders...
  4. by   Tae Boogie, LPN
    I, too, keeping hearing about Saunders...
  5. by   LVNinCali
    Hands down, Saunders!

    It really helped me pass my test. Practicing around 100-120 questions on the CD daily for almost 2 months & reading/understanding each & every rationale (whether or not I got the question right). With the questions I did miss, I read up on the subject in Saunders to get a better understanding on why I missed the question in the first place.

    good luck studying!