Any VN/PN students subscribed to NCSBN NCLEX review interested in an organized online

  1. study group? i subscribed yesterday and have a subscription good until april 7, 2007, i graduate february 19. anyway , i study well on my own, but i just thought that it would be great to study with others coming through the system around the same time, we could cover learning gaps for each other. something i didn't know or forgot someone else might know. if anyone is interested in studying with me from now until 4/7/07, respond to the post, i would love to study with you!


    all are invited who are studying for the nclex, you don't have to be subscribed to ncsbn, to join.
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  3. by   mickey1234

    i would love to study with u, i took this test once in failed, im so depressed because i just want to give up, i dont know what to do, i feel like a failure, and dont know where to turn