Anxiety Issues ?

  1. Hey everyone. I'm scheduled to start my PN program July 5th YAYYYY !!! There's only 1 small/big problem. Now that we are down to the last 10 days before class my anxiety is starting to really kick my ass. My nerves are shot. Every time I sit and think about how bad I want it my eyes water, I end up in tears. And of course I have goals after this one but it's my anxiety which I can't control. I breathe and tell myself "You can do it, You will do it, Babygirl you got this" then 5 minutes later I'm hyperventilating (No ****). Replaying the heartbreak I experienced having to withdrawal from my first program (2ND TIMES THE aCHARM). So I'm really going to take a different approach and spend these last few days with my kids (5 mth Girl, 3 Yr Boy) and relax my mind. I have to tell myself to stop thinking about the disappointment of failing and GET READY TO WIN. This is for my ladies with the same issues I have. Let's sit back, pull out some wine if you have to, throw your worries out the window and LETS JUST DO IT. This feeling of being SUPER EXCITED and TERRIFIED ENOUGH TO PEE MY PANTS IS AMAZINGGGG. Congrats to EVERYONE ENROLLED. Feel free to share.
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