Advice/Tips/Websites/Apps to study for FINALS??!

  1. Hello, this is my first posting. I have completed all of my pre reqs and am now in the nursing courses for LPN. At the college I attend, these are known as Nursing 1 and Nursing 2 for this particular program. I am about to complete Nursing 1. I am SO nervous for my final on the 22nd of this month. That is just 12 short days away! I am looking for all sorts of tips, advice, study tips that have worked for others, websites, apps, practice tests... the whole nine yards! Our final will be 100 questions worth 4 pts each = 400 points total! I NEED a good grade. I am currently standing at a percentage that could go either way so this final will either make me or break me. Please help! Thanks to all!
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    Good luck on your Final exam.