which one do you value more?

  1. hello fellow lpns !!!

    can you guys help me out ? i've worked in one nursing home for 7 monthes now and there was one job advertisement in newspaper that offers higher wage than my current job. i'm not sure if i should stay with this job at least a year so i can get a good reference and make my reference to look good or if i apply for this job that offers higher wage. so which one do you value more? higher salary or good reference?
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  3. by   LaShell
    definitely stay where you are (if it's a decent place) and get the experience. So often you see the same nursing home/job advertisements over and over from week to week with high pay. From my experience there's a reason they're always looking for staff and willing to pay them more, no one wants to work there! You should get a raise in the near future anyway as your year comes up.