What are LPN hours usually like?

  1. I'm a nursing student and I was wondering what the hours are like? When do you usually work and at what times?
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  3. by   Biyn13
    In the nursing home facilities it's 8 hour shifts. 11-7, 7-3, and 3-11. The hospitals that still hire LPNs are usually 7-7 shifts and Homecare is usually 12 hour shifts. I'm in NY btw.
  4. by   quiltynurse56
    Any time between 8 - 12 hour shifts any time of the day or night.
  5. by   caliotter3
    Extended care home health usually varies between 8 and 12 hr shifts, depending on the number of nurses available to the agency to work certain cases. However there are some agencies that continue with 12 hour shifts anyway because it suits the staffing purposes of the agency. In rare situations, a nurse can agree to tailored shift times. Usually shift info is available on the job listing, or one can inquire. No one need apply to jobs that don't have hours that are agreeable.
  6. by   rrlwhitehead
    i am having so much trouble getting into the nursing program i have all the pre classes but everyone wants a teas test score im 20 yrs in lpn status with associates degree and one year from my BBA, i would love to get my RN asap, any ideas.