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*Vent* So tell me, how come whenever someone asks me what I'm going to school for and I say "I'm in school to become a practical nurse." they say something like "OH okay well if you want my advice... Read More

  1. by   pagandeva2000
    Quote from Coloradogrl
    I had this happen the other day at super cuts!!! We were getting our son's haired trimed & the women asked me what I do & I told her that I was about to start nursing school.....after talking with her a little more she found out I was in LPN school NOT NURSING SCHOOL!!!

    She then went on a 3 mintue rant about how she always wanted to be a med-surg nurse but wouldnt WASTE HER TIME going to lpn school! Well I got defensive & told her that in a year I will be working as a NURSE & then will be working on my RN.....***& she will still be cutting hair in Walmart!***

    :angryfire Dont let STUPID people bring you down! I am excited to finish school & be a LPN!!!!:angryfire
    I had a similar situation happen many times to me. I have had people say "LPN school" and "Nursing program". I have told them that I was also in nursing school, and AM a NURSE in my own right. And, yes, my response was just as rude as theirs was...who asked them??? THose that want to become RNs have my avid support...it is just not for ME. I am happy, I have my patients, and I work my new job in pride.
  2. by   With A Jeep
    Try this on for size. I cannot get financial aid for an Associates, I have had too many other classes in my life. But, I could get some financial aid for the Practical Nursing program. After this if I want I can go for the Bachelors and receive financial aid.

    But, do I go premed or BSN? :trout: