Waiting for my results on background and drug test screening so I can find out my start da

  1. Hello, I'm a little stressed out waiting on the results of my background and drug screening. I have a clean background and don't do any drugs; I'm just waiting to hear back from my employer. They said that results can sometimes take about a week or more, but I took my drug test last tuesday morning at concentra and my background the same day. It has now been a week and I still haven't heard back from them. Each day is like a waiting game as I want to start working but it seems like a eternity I don't know if I should call human resources to see how much longer or just wait to hear back. It's a job as a lpn in a big assisted living facility making more than I was at my last job, and I am not currently working and bills are starting to pile up so I'm hoping for a speedy process after a series of 3 interviews over a month period so this waiting game has reached its end I've been patient sincentives then but I'd like to know how much longer till they call about my results and start date thanks. New lpn since March 2017
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