Vascular Surgery Interview

  1. Ok so I've been working in LTC since November 2011, and I HATE IT...Ugh, I worked in the Emergency Room as an ER Tech prior to that, and I miss it so much. I feel like I'm going to lose my skills from the ER because I don't use them in the nursing home. ANYWAYS, since working in the nursing home, I've been trying to change my schedule to per diem or part time, because I'm always stressed and I DREAD going to work, and I really want to focus on school more. However, my superiors are telling me that I'm not experienced enough to work few hours per week, which totally confused me since I just scheduled an interview at a prestigous university hospital in DC for the vascular surgery department. I'm praying that I get this job, because I really tolerate my job anymore. PLEASE PRAY FOR ME
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