Travel nursing with a family

  1. So.... I'm interested in travel nursing. I want to land somewhere like Moab and Portland or any other outdoor adventure junkie town with a somewhat 'hippie' atmosphere. I have a family. My husband has no problem staying home with kiddos but I have no idea where to start??? What companies have good selection of LPN positions for travel nursing? Which one's accomodate family? Please and thanks! Just need to get out of bored.
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  3. by   Chanta2
    I was signed on with Supplemental Nursing. This was a few years ago.
    My contract had no problems with my family. I accepted an assignment in Tempe,Arizona.

    That was a few years ago. I wan was a LPN. The company hired LPN's back then. As long as you accept an assignment. What difference will it make who is living in the apartment with you? I had 3 in my household.

    Look around for the best companies and go from there. Travel nursing is wonderful and exciting. Wish you the best!
  4. by   roamingessential
    thanks What are signs of a 'bad' travel nursing company? Everything I've checked into "looks good" from the outside so its hard to tell...?