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  1. I've been at my same job for almost 2 years! I work 3 12s with an hour long drive! It's a very stressful job, and all of us nurses are constantly talking about how we need to get out of this place! We always go over and beyond but we somehow still are never enough for the providers, family and administration. I recently found another job closer to home in the similar dept (different hospital.) It would only be about a 5 minute drive!

    I dont know much about the new job so I was looking up reviews (from
    pts!) on the place. Many which were negative. Now I've got myself all tore up! I go for the interview today but I'm so scared if I'm offered the job and I take it. What if it's just as bad or worse!! I know this place I won't get to work 12s! So I'll have to be there 5 days a week I think.

    any advice? Can you follow around the nurses before accepting the job?
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  3. by   sallyrnrrt
    Shorter commute worth millions to me...

    Best wishes
  4. by   meanmaryjean
    Also remember that people.motivated to submit reviews often have an axe to grind. Satisfied people seldom submit them so online reviews tend to be skewed.