Still waiting!!!

  1. Hi everyone I took my NCLEX PN on December 15th at 1 p.m.
    it cut me off at the 85 questions and I had quite a few select all that apply.
    I feel like I knew nothing about the test everything I recognized but just could not pull it out of my brain so I feel like I pretty much guessed on every question which I can pretty safely assume we all feel like!
    I've been looking at quick results and the Pearson website but my results still say unavailable I tried the Pearson VUE trick and I did get the good pop up and I still get the good pop up but does this actually work and how long should I have to wait for my results???
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  3. by   SmurfNurse14
    Pvt works! I passed!
  4. by   soon2bnurse5
    Congratulations good luck on job searching