1. Hi Everyone,
    While I'm waiting for calls and in the process looking for a job. I decided that I should brush up on some reading in the mean time. I really want to brush up on my Med-Surg. I wanted to know everyone's opinion LVN's and students are welcomed to give in their input. It would really help.
    What is a good Med-Surg book author? I would use the Med-Surg book that I got at school but i tore it all up and its all scattered on my bookshelf (i know what a bad book keeper HAHAHA). I can't find that at any barnes and nobles either. So any suggestions would be really helpful!

    Thank in advance,
    Miss SubQ
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  3. by   Hoping LVN2BSN
    Try Amazon, they have a Med-Surg book from LWW an instructor had it all the time in our clinicals. Also has a CD-ROM with it.