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    took my NCLEX-PN examination here in California last December 23, 2016, checked PVT had a good pop after 2 hrs then after 24 hrs then the last 72 hrs but still don't see my name in breeze when I try to search my name. Is it possible to pass and have a good pop up and don't see your name I breeze ?
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    You will not see your name on the CA Breeze website because you have not yet been issued a license number.

    You will receive a pass/fail result in the mail in a few weeks. If you receive a passing result, you need to mail a copy of it along with a $150 check or money order to the CA BVNPT office.

    Once the BVNPT staff cashes the check and processes your order, you will be issued a license number.

    To recap, it will be several weeks (possibly longer) before your license number appears on CA Breeze because you must first pay for the license before the BVNPT issues it. California is a 'pay to play' state.
  4. by   jaiel
    Thank you very much for your response @TheCommuter. 168 hours of good pop up i hope PVT still works. Have a blessed new year