Posting and Verifying Order

  1. When you guys here this what do you interpret posting as? I had an encounter at a per diem job where the 1st nurse wrote up the medication sheet and I verified it with the doctor's order and signed the sheet to verify and gave the med as scheduled, but for some reason I was called about it being an incorrect procedure and giving the med before it was posted and verified. Still waiting to here back about what exactly I did wrong, so just wanted to here your thoughts. Thanks!
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  3. by   JoyfulNurseLPN
    That's the 1st nurses problem, and not yours. If you were passing meds and
    a nurse (assuming the charge nurse) gives you an electronic order or transcribes
    it onto your MAR, and you've double checked that the order is valid, then you've
    done what you need to do.

    If you did not give the med as scheduled and it was ''missed'' you may have been
    written up for a med error, so it sounds almost like a catch-22. IMHO You did what
    you needed to do and it sounds like it's an internal policy that needs to be changed.