Pasadena City College LVN-RN Career ladder Summer 2018

  1. Looking to find people that applied to Summer 2018 LVN bridge program!
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  3. by   slmnurse
    I got the email that I was chosen as an alternate. Anyone have any updates?
  4. by   Adrina133
    I applied to the summer 2018 and have not received anything yet. Did they contact you through personal email you provided in the application ?
  5. by   slmnurse
    Yeah I got an email back on April 12th on the email I put on the application.
  6. by   RD_1110
    I applied and haven't heard back. I called them and they said that the decision would be made in 12 weeks after end of application period.
  7. by   RD_1110
    You applied for the LVN - RN Bridge program that starts with the transition course this summer?
  8. by   slmnurse
    Yes that's the program I applied to