1. Hi, I am currently a medical assistant and hoping to start class for LPN in 2013 (my entrance exam is in two weeks) I am curious about being a LPN in NYC (the 5 boroughs specifically) Are you currently employed, how long did it take to find a job and also do you have any idea of the average salary range? I have been in the medical field for 8 years now and am looking to further my education and hopefully a job that is more long term and stable. I've also heard that it is easier to get a job in a nursing home rather than a hospital. Im wondering if this is true. I am just trying to figure out what I should expect once I complete my course (its a 1 year program) Thank you for all advice, tips, help and conversation. I would greatly appreciate any input.
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    Hello, and welcome to!

    You may also wish to check out our New York Nurses forum by clicking on the link below. Many nurses who post in that forum are living and working in NYC. Good luck with your journey.

    New York Nursing
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    Thats great! Thank you