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  1. Hello my fellow nurse mate.... I am new to this site and also a new nurse. I took my boards less than a month ago. I am located in the Atlanta area. I have been looking for employment but everywhere is asking for experience. I was wondering if it was because of my level of experience or the holiday season. Do anyone have any feedback on what to do? Thank You
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    The job market should improve after the holiday season winds down, since some people tend to quit their jobs after the new year arrives. Many employers are reluctant to hire someone new during the holidays, because they might not have enough employees to properly orient and train you during this month (people go on vacation, call in sick, etc). Many workplaces experience mild employee turnover during January and February, so these months would be prime time periods to apply at every facility possible. Of course, I'd still keep up the job hunt during the month of December.

    Good luck to you!