New LPN salary expectations?

  1. I just got my LPN license and have started looking for jobs. Two that I am interested in are in physician's offices. I have no idea what LPN's make per hour in my area (Chicago Western suburbs), so am not sure what to put for salary requirements. These are both part-time positions, so I need to enter an hourly wage. I will graduate with my ADN in December and will include that on my application.

    Any input is appreciated.
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  3. by   newpn04
    I'm from VA, just got my license in December, my base pay is $20/hr. But I know other classmates that have started at $16/hr
  4. by   fxmama
    When I landed my job, I had no idea what the salary would be...we never discussed it. I put salary as "negotiable" in the box. I am in California and making $23.50/hr as a new grad...I passed my NCLEX Feb 17th of this year, and got my license on March 22, 2012....
  5. by   Blue Cat
    The positions I'm applying for do not allow text in the box. I can only enter numbers. I was thinking $18/hr as my minimum, so that sounds like it might be a decent start.

    Thanks for the input!