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  1. I'm a new lpn, graduated in August, got my license in September. I worked in a nursing home from September until the end of November. I accepted a med/surg job at my local hospital. I love it. However, I feel like I'm treated differently because I'm a "lpn" and not a "rn". I don't feel like people take me seriously. I honestly feel stupid. I feel like I don't belong.
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  3. by   quiltynurse56
    They aren't treating you different because you are an LPN, they are treating you as a new employee who also happens to be a new nurse. Nursing school only gives us the basics, we do most of our learning on the job. Don't feel bad if you don't know everything right away. Pleasantly ask for help. A couple of ways to ask is to say, "help me understand," or "I may have been told this already yet I need to review it." Or, "what about (insert suggestion here)"
    'What can I do better the next time this happens" These ways show you are very willing to learn. Experienced nurses who change jobs also have a nice learning curve.

    Do your job, do the best you can do and once you gain more experience, you will be taken seriously.