Moving from Florida to Pennyslvania, I think...

  1. Can anyone tell me how lpn duties differ in these two states? I am able to do IV therapy, pass most meds. I thought I heard that lpns in Pa can't do IV therapy and are mostly employed in LTC...?
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  3. by   itzkristen
    Hey there!

    What LPN's are allowed to do and not do varies by facility here in PA [as I'm sure it does in most states].

    By law, we are allowed to administer (certain) IV therapies. We aren't allowed to administer blood/blood products, TPN, antineoplastic agents or titrated medications other than heparin flushes. However, I work at a veteran's center and their personal guidelines stipulate that all IV therapy can only be delivered by an RN.

    A lot of LPN's do work in LTC but I think the main reason behind that is that (at least in my area) they pay an average of $2.00-$4.00/hr more than the hospitals do for LPN's.
  4. by   quiltlpn
    Thanks for the reply, itzkristen! I guess you're right, it will differ from community to community, and organization to organization. It does feel, though, as though LPN's jobs are getting fewer and fewer!!