1. So when I decided to become an LVN I took the private school route and am still paying for it only later to find out I could've done the same program at 1/10 the cost, so now I'd like to bridge into an RN or BSN program and would like some advice before I put myself into financial ruin I reside in CA
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  3. by   Scottishtape
    I definitely wouldn't go the private school route this time! Make yourself as competitive as possible so you can make it into a community college bridge.

    Ive been paying out of pocket for my bridge program at a community college, so when I'm done, I won't have that extra debt on me. I am duel enrolled working on my bachelors, but I'm taking student loans for that, since I can't afford to pay for both programs out of pocket.

    If you can pay out of pocket, I would highly advise you to do that. For my school, I end up paying around $400/month. But, that's in FL.