1. Im still new to all this..and would like someone to explain to me the differences between the two..I feel so stupid but if you fell like explaining help me out!!
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    RNs are considered 'professional nurses' by most U.S. boards of nursing. They plan the care of patients, administer medications and treatments, fill leadership roles, advocate for patients, report changes in condition, and care for the patient in a holistic manner. RNs also do much more than what I have already mentioned. Some RNs work at the bedside, but many work in management, research, or education.

    LVNs are considered 'basic nurses' by most U.S. boards of nursing. They provide basic bedside care such as medication administration, patient teaching, wound care, treatments, and reporting of changes in condition. An LVN who possesses IV certification can administer intravenous medications, but the IV therapy is automatically included in the licensure of the RN. LVNs can supervise CNAs and other unlicensed assistive personnel.

    RNs usually earn more money than LVNs and have more opportunities for career advancement.
  4. by   icugirl33
    The training,pay, and opportunities.