LVN Opportunities and Starting salaries

  1. I'm hoping to get some insight into the demand for LVN/LPN's in the two states I am considering practicing in. Specifically, what are the opportunities available and what is the starting salary for an LVN/LPN in either Southern California or Massachusetts?

    Thanks for your wisdom in advance!

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  3. by   BigB
    I can't speak for southern California, but in Northern California LVN's make the following: $23/hr most nursing homes, $17/hr psych, about $18.50/ hr in acute care hospitols (if you can get the job, lvn's in acute care hospitals are an endangered species)
  4. by   TheCommuter
    Here are a handful of the Southern California hospitals that still hire LVNs.

    1. Olive View/UCLA - Sylmar
    2. Encino Hospital - Encino
    3. West Hills Hospital - West Hills
    4. Kaiser Hospitals
    5. West L.A. VA Hospital
    6. Community Memorial - Ventura
    7. Providence Holy Cross - Mission Hills
    8. Providence Saint Joseph - Burbank

    These hospitals hire LVNs in subacute LTC, med-surg, outpatient clinics and limited postpartum. The West L.A. VA Hospital is the only one I am aware of that hires LVNs in psych. LTC pays $18-$23 hourly and hospitals pay $14-$18 hourly.