LVN/LPN Neonatal Jobs

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    I live in Southern California and am cnsidering a career change to LVN/LPN and then perhaps bridge to RN if I like it. I am interested in working with LPN's qualify to work with infants? It seems all the jobs posted in the Los Angeles area for LVN's are at nursing homes.

    Any info would be great! Thanks for reading!!!
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  3. by   Fiona59
    When you say Neonatal do you mean NICU? If so the answer is No.

    In my part of the world we work postpartum, peds, and community health/school programmes.

    NICU is very specialized and beyond our scope of practice.
  4. by   Coloradogrl
    I am still a student but I have always heard that LPN/LVN's work with stable pts. I have heard of some working in hospitals but from what I hear the pay can be low.
  5. by   EricJRN
    Some NICU's hire LPN's/LVN's, but you're right that you'll probably find more positions posted for LTC or med-surg.