LPNs and central lines

  1. Trying to answer a question for another nurse and I'm not entirely sure, as the BON guidelines so often cannot cover guidelines for every situation.

    She works in a facility where there are often only LPNs on duty. She has no IV certification. Her patient has a central line and TPN, which she cannot touch except to turn on and off. An RN comes in once per shift to set everything and is available by phone on call 24/7 (but not on site). This is a total care infant who constantly attempts to pull the central line (plus her J-tube) out.

    In my opinion, it is a bad idea to assume care for this patient. However, I could not answer as to whether it is illegal in the state of Florida or against the scope of practice. Generally, it seems like this *might* be okay if under the supervision of an RN, but on call via phone doesn't seem the same as being on site.

    Anyone have any thoughts? She is concerned, as we nurses so often are, that refusing the assignment will result in consequences and rolled eyes from the scheduling office as well as nurse administrators who aren't afraid of risky practice like this.

    Frankly, I find it disturbing enough she received zero training or education on central lines/TPN.
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