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  1. I live in Tampa FL and have been a lpn for 2.5 yrs. I work on a M/S, infectious disease unit, started there as a nurse tech. base rate for new LPN is $12.91, flex/PRN rate is 17.50, which I chose b/c of the pay this is 7a-7p shift. I plan 2 move 2 NC in about a yr, most likely Charlotte area. I am enrolled in excelsior I doubt I will be finished @ that time. Can anybody tell me payrates in this area? Now I also work PRN at a SNF only making $18.50/hr. and there is agency ranging from $21-$24/hr.For the cost of living in FL the pay sucks!!! It used 2 be affordable to live in FL.
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    Cost of living is cheaper here and the pay scale is similar.
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    Go as a Traveling nurse first..